28 de março de 2013

Perguntas/Respostas - Chat Facebook (27/03)

Segue a seguir, todas as perguntas feitas no chat com Enrique, ontem no Facebook:
(Créditos: Tumblr - Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova). 

Em breve postaremos as perguntas e respostas em Português. ;)

Q: Trisha Sinha Enrique ! how do u feel living the life of “THE ENRIQUE”  is it fun ?
A: Yes it’s a lot fun but it can also be a lot of work
Q: Abeera Alam Which TV shows do you like to watch?
A: I really like Homeland and have started to watch Breaking Bad. Do you watch them? 
Q: Alexis ODell Are you working on any new songs?
A: Yes I’m in the studio working on the new album. I can’t wait for you to hear them. 
Q: Ayka Gulya Gulu When will you come to Azerbaijan?
A: Right now I don’t have any plans… but I would love to get there soon.
Q: Stephanie Stark’ How does ir feel to be the most desirable man on earth?
A: I don’t know you’ll have to ask him
Q: Diana Mathew Release new music fast n start doing tour n come back to india!!!  
A: OK as soon as I possibly can…
Q: Nadia Hamdan Will you be touring the us this summer?
A: Probably not until the end of the year or 2014
Q: Diana Mathew The best day of your life.?
A: I always like to think that the best day is yet to come…
Q: Das Abhi if u are really there then why don’t you reply !!??
A: OK… now what?
Q: Amin EB how do you protect your hair?
A: With a hat
Q: Atul Beriwal enrique, you are awesome.. Just tell me the secret of your success in one word? I really need it.. Waiting for your rply..
A: Persistence
Q: Adam Fowler Who inspired you?
A: My fans, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, springsteen…
Q: Gupta Jonty hey wt u do 2 maintain ur voice 2 sch high level?
A: I do a lot of vocal warm ups and rest as much as possible before I have a show.
Q: Ankhi Biswas when are u coming to INDIA again to perform ?
A: There are no plans yet but I loved performing in India last October and I hope to be back soon.
Q: Rishabh Jain whats going on?
A:  I’m in Miami working on the new album
Q: Anuj Ghadai hi sir how r u ?
A:  Great and you?
Q: Jéssica Henrique Freitas How are you Enrique??????
A: I’m great! How are you?
Q: Jenna Lambert do u have a younger sister?
A: Yes I do.
Q: Deanna Salvatore If you could perform with any one person or band, which would it be?
A: I couldn’t say just one but I love Michael Jackson
Q: Brenda Watton Are working on anything awsome for us?:)
A: Yes I’d like to think so. I’m in the studio right now.
Q: Cath Bussey Will your new album be a solo album with no collabarations
A: You’ll just have to wait and see
Q: Vishu Dancerboy this your real page…  Hehe…
A: yes it is…
Q: Era Barabas Budai what are the production plans for the next tour?
A: Not sure yet. Got any ideas?
Q: Marco Alejandro When is your new album~????
A: As soon as I finish writing… Sometimes it takes longer than expected because I don’t want to put anything out that I am not 100% sure I love. 
Q: Gemma ‘gemziboo’ Cain when are you doin a tour in the UK again Enrique?  us English ladies want to see you 
A: I wish I knew…. hopefully soon
Q: Sumati Tawde i love u plz reply me once wold make my day night
A: have a great night!
Q: Deniz Sağlam EnriqueEeeee :D:D:D
A: Hi Deniz
Q: Daisy Senda Where are u right now?
A: Miami… working on the new album
Q: Daisy Senda are you going to answer me question?
A: Sure…
Q: Stephen Max hey EI hows going on
A: good. how are you?
Q: Diksha Pandey Dude ….u sing awsm….
A:  Thanks Diksha
Q: Cassandra Hall When are you coming to France?
A: No tour plans yet but I hope very soon
Q: Jessica Ledesma Hernandez What new music are you working on? Will you come out with more love songs?
A: I’m working on the new album right now. 
Q: Christie Cash Johnson Do you seriously answer all these questions?
A: Yes I do
Q: Lily Mandal i love ur voice
A: Thanks Lily
Q: Sadiah Ansari have you ever gone unrecognized?
A: Yes… and I love it… I have my tricks to go unrecognized
Q: Haniyeh Khazaei Nezhad Are u sure that u can answer all this question ?
A:  I’m not sure but I can try
Q: Courtney Stensrude What artists you working with? Work with rihanna!