19 de abril de 2013

Perguntas/Respostas - Chat (18 de Abril)

Aqui estão as perguntas/respostas feitas no chat de hoje.
Muito obrigada à Noemi (@TheNomik / @EnriqueAnna): Tumblr Enrique & Anna

Assim que possível, postaremos a tradução das perguntas e respostas. 
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Q: Darshika Iglesias What are the three things that you cannot live without? 
A: my dogs
Q: Nuray Kaçar How are you today my love??
A: doing great. how about you?
Q: Eva Bety Will you visit our country (morocco) soon?I like to see you and talk with you directly please !!!!I like you very much
A: ill be in morroco next month. hope to see you there
Q: Ishan Dey when r u going to sing for a bollywood movie??
We indians are eagerly waiting for it…
A: that would be fun! but no plans as of now
Q: Mayra Tapia Velazquez What would be your three top wishes if you had them?
A: to tour and make music til the end of time
Q: Andrea Flores Hi Enrique!!! I love your music
A: thanks!
Q: Maria Feder Cant wait to see you in nyc next month!!!
A: glad you can make. it should be a good time for us all
Q: Karolcia Karolcia when are you come in to Wales again? to cardiff?
A: on the next tour which will shortly follow the album
Q: Estelle Rochelle Christabelle Enrique when are you writing a new song and when are you next in the uk love you xoxox
A: i am writing every day!
Q: Prashant Bhurji hello-sir hw u strt ur career…..?
A: i secretly showed my music to a record label, and they liked.
Q: Gwen Fw are you going to do a live video chat q&a
A: yes, will happen soon
Q: Yoma Seivya Febrianti Tarukbua I love ur song
A: any specific one?
Q: Hadhy Ahmed so hws ur day
A: not bad. what are you up to?
Q: Lison de Launière Just for say to you hello and I love yours song xoxox P”S. sorry for my englishxx
A: hey
Q: Rehan Al-balushi hi Enrique
A: hey rehan
Q: Lora Cuniberti Can I have a bottle of Atlantico Rum they don’t sell here in Toronto  u
A: we hope to have it there soon. Toronto isn’t too far form the states! Road trip?
Q: Giuly Enrìì Iglesias why do you live in miami?
A: i grew up here. All my friends are here. and i love it!
Q: Ebrahim Iglesias Hi Enrique,do u like/want to have concert in iran?!
A:  i’d love to be able to make that work
Q: Eyra Arriaza Lacayo why you havent come to nicaragua???
A: i was there a few years ago, we are planning to come back. sit tight!
Q: Ann Ardon hi how are you ??
A: im good you?
Q: Amna Steve Jackson when are you coming back to dubai?
A: was just there. did you make it out to the show?
Q: Sahand Mo we love you from IRAN
A: thanks
Q: Larry Lee Would you date someone thats not a celebrity ?
A: of course. I would date anyone who i felt a connection with
Q: Tanu Chadha Wen u coming to india 
I love u
A: i was just there in october. had a blast. Did you make it out to ay of the shows?
Q: Diana Gonzalez Hahaha it is not him but probably his manager.
A:  its me, i promise
Q: Enrique Ralf Krips When publish you your new album? I know I’m impatient.
A: this fall
Q: Alex Johnson My question is: Do you believe in ghosts?
A: i’ve never seen one. but who knows
Q: Nourhan ElKady Do u wanna visit EGYPT again !!
A: i love egypt and hope to be back on this upcoming world tour next year
Q: Shannon Lindsay teach me spanish?
A: si
Q: Federica Cagnina Hi Enrique, I’m an Italian fan. On Monday is my birthday, and you’d make me very happy and you could make me a very big gift if you replied me.

What’s your favourite quote?

I love you
A: happy birhday!
Q: Margaret Penny-MacNeil I love ur song HERO it was my wedding love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
A: thank you!
Q: Ana Paula DaSilva Ur birthday is coming up on May 8 what r ur plans to celebrate? My birthday is on May 6 …..yay
A: no plans of of now. What are you planning on doing?
Q: Ebrahim Iglesias hi dear can u say my name?!
A:  sure Ebrahim Iglesias
Q: Karely Reyes Enrique! greetings I am in history class
A: lol. you should be paying attention!
Q: Ayşe Iglesias What do you think about Turkish fans 
A: theyre great
Q: Nurya Loredo Enrique, answer me please, make my day!
A: how are you?
Q: Larry Lee Do you support Gay people ?
A: of course!
Q: Robert James Thompson Wish you knew how crazy and mad I am in love with you.
A: i do now. thanks!
Q: Ambuj SrivaStav do u love India??
A: i do. i love the food, and i love the people. Had a blast there this past fall. Did you make it out to any of the shows?
Q: Rooba Mohamed You are a professional singer and more wonderful
A: thanks
Q: Darshika Iglesias What do you love most about being, “Enrique Iglesias”?
A: to be doing what i love to do every day. (making music)
Q: Lefteris Raptis Hey Enrique..!!! When your new album will come out???
A: aiming for this fall!
Q: Steph Crockford When are you coming back to the UK?? X
A: i’ll be back this year if all goes well. Doing promo, and then a tour shortly after
Q: Kaitlynn Kill’it Obey Enrique !!!!Will you Come To canada To Do A Concert?If so WHEN??????<3
A: I should be back in 2014
Q: Raza Abbas When will you come to India,New Delhi ??
We want you again :’)
A: did you make it out to any of the shows in October? What’d you think?
Q: Noha Hazem What is the new album going to be like?
A: you’ll just have to wait and see. not too long though, i promise
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Q: @jessleal7 @enrique305 have you heard about @onedirection?? Any favorite song!? :) #askenrique 23
A: of course. I like “What Makes You Beautiful” My friend Rami was a writer on the song.
Q: @auroragavito @enrique305 #askenrique tweet#104 wanna tell me a good joke?
A: I don’t have a good joke off the top of my head. Do you know one?
Q: @patys1980 @enrique305 Kisses for Fernando!! #askenrique
A: LOL… I’ll let Fernando know you say hi…
Q: @IrmicD @enrique305 What are u doing when u cant sleep ? #askenrique
A: When I can’t sleep, I watch videos online or try to write music
Q: @OMJosh_Bradley Ily @enrique305 CanYouHearMe? Cause I wanna BeWithYou. IFinallyFoundYou & ILikeHowItFeels. Can u RT, before I Escape? #AskEnrique
A: that’s a very clever tweet! can you do any more like this?
Q: @mariuxigrau @enrique305 you are a good friend of @SammyAdams ? #askenrique
A: of course. Sammy’s a great guy and very talented artist. I’m glad we got to do Finally Found You together
Q: @sar__anne Twitter blocked me because I tweet you too much! Please notice me! @enrique305 #askenrique 2
A: don’t upset twitter
Q: @AnthemFlashback @enrique305 What does the number 305 signify? #askenrique
A: 305 is the area code for Miami, where I live.
Q: @Yourfirtskiss @enrique305 #askenrique What is your favorite sport?
A: futbol/ soccer is my favorite sport. @realmadrid is my favorite team. I also like to surf on occasion.
Q: @MissMesci NOTICE ME!You can run,you can hide but you can’t escape my Tweets #askenrique @enrique305 Luv u.RT 49
A: those are cool lyrics. Someone should write a song for that
Q: @gacela_blanca @enrique305 #askenrique what dose really cheers you up when you feel down or sad, no matter how bad you feel ? 41
A: my dogs always cheer me up when I see them. They are always happy to see me when I come home
Q: @klausMyKing Any plans for acting i’d like to see you in my screen ?! #askenrique @enrique305
A: No plans right now but I’m always looking for something fun
Q: @pagmaccccc @enrique305 #askenrique I’M ALWAYS IN YOUR TOUR T-SHIRT…. SO COMFY AND YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL FACE IS ON IT pic.twitter.com/39g5Z1tK33
A: nice shirt Paige!
Q: @mollyyy305 @enrique305 #askenrique it is nearly midnight in the UK and I have to be up for school in the morning, please tweet me :)
A: thanks for staying up late. I’ll try to do one of these a little earlier.
Q: @kitkat1204 this will be me if @enrique305 tweets me back #askenrique lol pic.twitter.com/LPvhjE7XbH
A: Hi Catherine… hope you’re having a great day.
Q: ‏@DevonSarah1 @enrique305 how was your day?😘 #askenrique #numberonefan
A: My day was great. i’ve been in the studio working on new songs.
Q: @larisablaj @enrique305 do you dream in Spanish or in English? #askenrique 35
A: Hi Larisa. I dream in both Spanish and English
Q: @milanaieshreail @enrique305 t’s long, can you read it from the pic? #askenrique pic.twitter.com/4zvUrr1MNr 70
A: thanks Milana for such a nice note. Unfortunately no plans to go to Israel at the moment but I hope to be back soon.
Q: @AlexaLazz  I’ve been tweeting @enrique305 every week and nothing. Will today be my lucky day? Pleaseee ❤😘 #askenrique
A: Yes
Q: @official_katiek Came to the conclusion that @enrique305 will never see my tweets #askenrique
A: why?
Q: @JennaSueAlcorta @enrique305 #askenrique RETWEET! BECAUSE I LIKE HOW IT FEELS!!! youtube.com/watch?v=klk8QP
A: Thanks Jenna. Cute kid in your profile photo…
Q: @TammyLaPine @enrique305 #askenrique How’s your dogs?
A: great! Lucas says hi!
Q: @TrudieN595E @enrique305 #askenrique Are you there, I don’t see any replies from you? boo hoo!
A: I’m here.
Q: @AseelK21 Who’s your favourite player?? @enrique305 #askenrique
A: on of my favorites is Iniesta
Q: ‏@Charlottem191D @enrique305 when are you coming back to the UK? :) xx #askenrique 19
A: as soon as possible but no plans at the moment.
Q: @MrsWorldwide_SH @enrique305 What’s your favourite @Pitbull song? #askenrique xxx💚💙💜
A: he has so many great songs… how could I pick just one?
Q: @nikoochu_ #askenrique @enrique305 how long will it take for you to notice me? :(
A: twitter says 44 seconds
Q: @NjoodatioN Somebody never met you, somebody never got noticed by you,Somebody hopes someday you will see this That Somebody’s Me #askenrique <3 .20
A: hi somebody!
Q: @CRonaldoUSA @enrique305 #askenrique do you like the fact that I named my car after you? I mean every car needs a name. haha xo pic.twitter.com/gC70RXjPtO
A: I’m honored… thank you
Q: @HeySel_ @Enriquw305 Ready for the World Cup next year, you going? Take me with you. #AskEnrique
A: I’m ready! So are Lucas & Jack. Go Spain! pic.twitter.com/fLgr3Gybd7