5 de abril de 2013

Perguntas/Respsotas - Chat (04 de Abril)

Muito obrigada à Noemi (@TheNomik / @EnriqueAnna)
Créditos: Tumblr Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova
Postaremos em breve, a tradução das perguntas e respostas.
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Q: Milena Petkova  Hi, Enrique,
I would like to ask you what are the positive sides
and the negative ones of being a popstar?
Are you satisfied with your life or you would prefer
to be a normal guy? Muchas gracias, Enrique!
Gracias por todo lo que haces, gracias por todo lo que eres!!!
A: the positive sides are being able to do what i love each and every day.
Q: Roshan Khan Khan Come to india you are awesome
A: i was just there. Did you make it to any of the shows?
Q: MeXi Cain Your favourite song ?
A: of mine? or of all time?
Q: Sarang Pandey Hello…wen r u planning to visit India next….?
A:  I was just there. Did you make it out to any of the shows?
Q: April Bellamy When next single out
A: figuring that out right now. hang tight. it will be soon.
Q: Sarah Jacobs are you ever going to come to the UK and do a tour??? I really want to go to a concert of yours !!
A: we are planning a europe tour very soon. hope you can make it!
Q: Angela Nelson What kinda question you looking to answer?
A:  one just like this!
Q: Hossein Parhizkar Enrique how are u?;)
A: i’m good, you?
Q: Rabia Albayrak Hi Enrique! Are you planning have a concert in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara?
A: will definetely be back in LA on the next US tour.
Q: Ajay Jha what is your hobby other than singing??
A: i love flying
Q: Maria Isabel Valdes will u come back to the Dominican Republic?
A: i might be making an announcement tomorrow…
Q: Tonya Conte Do u like Italy
A: i love italy. great food too
Q: Jennifer Reynolds Please be my hero?
A: sure
Q: Aissa Chaala are you a Real Madrid fan?
A: absolutely!
Q: Stephanie Schuebel when is your next album dropping?
A: hot sure on the exact date. I don’t want to release anything until I am positive I love all the songs.
Q: Tara Williams I wanted to say Hi From Canada (Toronto)
A: well hello
Q: Theresa Boueiry When are you releasing your next song? te quiero 
A: very soon
Q: Lisa Schulze do u want a guest- actor- role again?
A: id love to if the right opportunity came along
Q: Abdo Paridoss When Do You Release Your New Album ?
A: soon.
Q: Shweta Tiwari Any plan for San Jose ???
A: not sure when the next tour will be. but when it happens, i will be back in northern cali for sure
Q: Patt Solatano wher your next concert
A: I think in Russia
Q: Jenny Stewart I have your old school ALA ‘Lea’ poster hanging in my ninth grace classroom. My students always talk about bevause they think it is so cool. Could you please write something for my students to encourage them that they can do whatever they put there mind to? They would be so excited and, of course, I would be ecstatic.
A: I’m not sure what to say, but of course it’s true.
Q: Angel Ash What u most like about india? Plz reply..
A: the people and food. Had a great trip this year, can’t wait to return.
Q: Brittany Schettino What do u like better singing dance floor fist pumping music or traditional Spanish songs?
A: I can’t say I like one over the other. i love all types of music
Q: Denise Mieko Gul When will u come to japan!???
A: i would LOVE to come to Japan
Q: Mohd Abuzar when will you come to INDIA..**
A:  i was just there. did you make it to any of the shows
Q: Nick Escavor what is your next single going to be?
A: you’ll find out VERY soon
Q: Nabeel Ahmad Whats your fav scary movie?
A: willy wonka
Q: Lory Trejo whats your fav food?
A: can’t go wrong with italian, also can’t go wrong with a bowl of corn flakes
Q: Earlina Mathews What’s Your favorite food???????????
A: can’t go wrong with italian. also can’t go wrong with a bowl of frosted flakes. Lol
Q: Karen Freehill when are you coming back to Ireland?? I miss your face
A: maybe this year!
Q: Far Naz When Are You Coming To The Uk? xXxXx
A: hopefully soon to promote a new single!
Q: Lety Sabaga when are y coming to san diego? its been awhile
A: it has been too long. Almost went there on last tour, but changed to anaheim. hopefully on the next run…
Q: Naresh Dwivedi What inspires you most?
A: my fans
Q: Sabina Begum How does it feel like when your on stage?
A: the greatest feeling in the world
Q: Hannah Marquardt When you coming back to London to tour? We miss you!
A: sooner than you think
Q: Moh Golmohamadi favourite football team?
A: Real Madrid
Q: Stiven Maya Medina enrique hello when you whip out a new song
A: soon!
Q: Marina Giancecchi-Olteanu What is the new album going to be like? need a fun summer song like I like it was!
A: you’ll just have to wait and see
Q: Mari Carbajal When will you come to Chicago again? Would love to see you.
A: of course, i always do!

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Q: @justhere4ash I missed #askEnrique :(
A: I’m doing it next week too
Q: ‏@Jormery @enrique305 wait, a second… are u seriously still on?! ekkkK! haha #AskEnrique.
A: for a minute
Q: @rotbalansz Do you remember this photo ahahahahah #askEnrique @enrique305 pic.twitter.com/bzVu5SQe
A: Yes LOL
Q: @I_Am_ChristiAnn What is your advice to somone really wanting to enter the music biz? #askenrique @enrique305
A: never give up!
Q: @RNA_4 64 #askenrique Can you say happy birthday Rana ? PLEASE ! @enrique305
A: happy birthday Rana!
Q: @shreyaenrique @enrique305 In which month are you going to release your album? So excited to hear it! Include India when you go on a tour #askenrique
A: I’m not sure yet. Hopefully soon, but I’ll let you know as soon as possible.
Q: @biancaamparo @enrique305 I know you are a busy man but please answer me one tweets! :) I love you #Askenrique
A: what’s the question?
Q: @CHNGZLeCreateur @enrique305 do you like pizza? #askenrique
A: Of course, who doesn’t like pizza?
Q: @WWEJLSter @enrique305 #askenrique can you say “Hi Kathryn” please? It’d make my brother really jealous? <3
A: Hi Kathryn! Tell your brother hello from me too…
Q: @enrique305 #askenrique How do you usually like to spend your day off? X
A: I love to spend time in miami with my dogs
Q: @minnchen @enrique305 #askenrique please notice I will not be able to sleep if you don’t reply :( greetings Emina
A: go to bed Emina
Q: @CharlesIglesias What do you eat for breakfast? #askenrique @enrique305
A: i like frosted corn flakes
Q: @faith_Ntj you know that feeling when you see yourself in @enrique305’s timeline ?? me neither let’s cry in a corner then #askenrique #askenrique
A: now you know
Q: @Juniper305 #askenrique have you ever posed as someone else over the internet to communicate with a fan?
A: I can’t give away those secrets
Q: @LittleSparrowX @enrique305 #askenrique favourite things to take on tour?
A: my phone, my hat and some good movies to watch
Q: @amanda1t @enrique305 #AskEnrique My mom & I are hugeee fans, please tweet meee! :)
A: tell your mom hi for me
Q: @nikkinijm @enrique305 wow just wow #askenrique
A: Wow
Q: @EnriqueLover305 @enrique305 What do you do before performing? !!? :D #askenrique Please answer me !! I love you <3<3<3 x2
A: I usually hang out in my dressing room with friends and do some vocal warmups