28 de maio de 2014

TOP Quiz by TOP Magazine (in English)

For the fans around the world, check the translation of the interview with Enrique Iglesias (Part 1):
TOP Quiz - TOP Magazine written by Daniel Amaral.
Last Thursday (May 22th) I was in Buenos Aires to watch Enrique Iglesias's concert (his "Sex And Love" Tour), which resulted in an interview, that you will be able to check in full very soon here, and also in the pages of our magazine.

Of course I already knew about the artistic career of Enrique, just could not imagine that a legion of fans could make the spectacle even more exciting .

In the interview, the singer talked about the current state of his career, partnerships with Pitbull and Brazilian singer Luan Santana, and commented about his intense sensuality. which makes him one of the most desirable men on the planet.

To the Brazilian fans doesn't feeling restless, I prepared a TOP Quiz Special Edition.

Check it out!

TOP - Love is...
Enrique Iglesias - My inspiration.

TOP - Anna Kournikova?
Enrique - Love.

TOP - Sex?
Enrique - It's important.

TOP - Success?
Enrique - Happiness!

TOP - Favorite food?
Enrique - Spaghetti.

TOP - Madrid?
Enrique - My mother.

TOP - Miami?
Enrique - My house.

TOP - A song?
Enrique - Pop!

TOP - A handsome man?
Enrique - David Beckham

A beautiful woman?
Enrique - Gisele Bündchen

TOP - Enrique in one word?
Enrique - Ambitious!

Now just wait for the full interview!

Translation (Portuguese/English): Viviane (@vivianebio17)