25 de abril de 2013

Perguntas/Respostas - Chat (24 de Abril)

Aqui estão as perguntas/respostas feitas no chat de ontem.
Muito obrigada à Noemi (@TheNomik / @EnriqueAnna): Tumblr Enrique & Anna.

Assim que possível, postaremos a tradução das perguntas e respostas.
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Q: Ankit Bilgaiyan You are awesome…
Plz come to India soon 
a humble request..
Will you come Enrique???
A: Hey Ankit Bilgaiyan I was just there a few months ago
Q: Tao C-Yaowapak what is your favorite singer?
A: i can’t pick just one. I love Michael Jackson, Juan Luis Guerra. Billy Joel is amazing too. And Lionel Richie. The list goes on and on. Lol
Q: Joanne Roe Hi Enrique, where is your most favourite place in the world? Xxx
A: I love Miami. Been here most of my life. Spain is also amazing. London too.
Q: Aishwary Anand when are you releasing your new album?????
A: looks like it will come in the fall
Q: Fatma Mahdi hola enrique what about the new album?
A: should be out this fall!
Q: Pranay Dube whatsup 
please make songs with pitbul
A: I’ve done a few songs with Pitbull
Q: Julianna Trumpler If you could say hello linda and smile please? my mom is in love with you 
A: tell your mom hello and thank you! Hope you both can make it out to my next show
Q: Poorva Malik When are you visiting india?  we love you!!
A: i was just there. Were you at any of the shows
Q: Becca Anne Kirby Hi Enrique where are you right now?
A: I’m in Miami.
Q: Miriam Iglesias What’s the best memories of yours? 
A: my last tour was amazing. plenty of good memories from that.
Q: Ehsan Hsi im waiting for new song! plz releas soon
A: It’s coming soon. promise.
Q: Ashley Boydston Does the fame ever get annoying? Kind of like right now, you tell us to ask you questions and all you seem to get is a bunch of girls confessing their love to you even though they don’t know you. What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
A: Finding a great song that people really love
Q: Jenessa Eneim Spanish album soon? Pretty sure a lot of us miss your original music.
A: not sure if the entire album will be in Spanish, but I did finish recording some new Spanish tracks
Q: Betty Trpeska What’s your dogs name and how old? U care for your dog so much that’s really nice!
A: Jack is about a year and half
Q: Nina Tepe Do you have a kid ?
A: i dont
Q: Chrissy Rawlins What is your favorite food?
A:  i love italian
Q: Nancy Encart cute, cute Jack!! How are you Enrique?
A: isn’t he great? I’m good. How are you today?
Q: Anna Nario Henshaw I just want you to know I love all your CDs. Thank you. You are one beautiful man. 
A: thanks so much!
Q: Monika Zámečníková do you sing your song at home?
A: all the time. Lol
Q: Diego Zermeno What do you think of your gay fans? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER
A: i love them
Q: Fahad Rasheed If were not b a singer.. What would u like to be.?
A: a soccer player!
Q: Stephanie Fernandez Holy, I wonder how you’re going to reply to this many questions, seems impossible but a nice feat to try. Anyway, my question is if you’re currently doing any type of charity work.
A: I’m working with a foundation called Love Hope Strength. On my last tour we set up booths outside every venue. http://lovehopestrength.org/
Q: Kimberley Pace do you consider to come in Malta again ?
A: yes, perhaps sooner than you think
Q: Justin Swäg McBiëbs Can you come in Italy?
A: ill be there next year hopefully when the new album comes out
Q: Gabriel Solis If you werent a singer what would your other career be?
A:  I’m not sure, but it would be related to music in some way or another. I’d love to be a soccer player too. 
Q: Larisa Krutik Any tips on how to change poem into a song
A: grab a guitar, and start singing!
Q: Olivia Bordens How will I know if you responded to my question ? LoL
A: I’m not sure! I’m not very facebook savvy. But I’m getting better! lol
Q: Dila Deniz Ağzıpak any concert plan for Istanbul?
A: I was just three in October. Were you there?
Q: Anjie Elsmore Dogs name? Lovely x
A: Jack!
Q: Jeff Antony When you are coming to india ? u have lot of fans here !!
A: i was just there in October. Did you make out to any of the shows?
Q: Shikira Larter What’s your dog’s name?
A: Jack is the one in the photo. My other dog is Lucas.
Q: Larisa Elena How can u answer to everyone ?
A: i cant. lol
Q: Ashley Persiano How many dogs do you have Enrique?
A: I have 2. That’s Jack in the photo. And I also have a German Shepherd named Lucas.
Q: Amoula Cyrus We are exciting to see you in morocco love yaaaa 
A: it should be fun! Large crows are always great and add so much excitement
Q: Ashvini Sinha Hey , how have you been ? Why no new albums out …
A: it will be out in the fall
Q: Madrid Ismo What’s your new song?
A: you’ll find out very soon, i promise!
Q: Malwinaa Wróblewska You have sweet dogs !
A: thanks! They are the best
Q: Arsal Rashid When is your new song coming?
A: hopefully by the end of the summer, and a new album in the fall
Q: Breiner Cuadrado Hey Enrique, Whats up? I’m a Songwriter but not public, jejeje the truth is… I like you read the letter of my songs and give one reazon and teach me what i’m do for better songs
A: you should perform in public. What do you have to lose?
Q: Alison Wilkinson have you a new album comin out? My daughters are driving me nuts asking all the time x
A: it should be out this fall.
Q: Vikki Proud Have u any plans for another album xxx
A: yes, fall. hope you’re ready!
Q: Melinda Oliff Enrique, what is a perfect day for you?
A: any day on tour
Q: Annita Alvarado What is your favorite kind of music to listen to?
A: i’m a big fan of pop
Q: Arianna Watson Aww whats ur cute dogs name.
A: the one in the picture, his name is Jack.
Q: Amy Carr HI Enrique  How Are You Today?
A: Hey Amy, I’m doing ok. Just hanging at home. What are you up to?
Q: Kabyashree Bordoloi wanna do video chat with your fanz…???
A: I do, actually did a few times last year
Q: Neda Molaiy Did u watch dortmund vs madrid match?
A: i did. just finished

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Q: @toomuchtheja @enrique305 #askenrique I should go because I need an excuse to practice my Spanish!!! pic.twitter.com/nNhHJbJprO
A: haha! This one was the best! You win the two tickets to New York!
Q: @toomuchtheja @enrique305 OH MY GOD ARE YOU FOR REAL?!
A: yes 100% the tickets are yours
Q: @enriquettesweb @enrique305 I’m on tweet limit on my @abeeraaa_ account but If you like that.. check this!!! #askenrique pic.twitter.com/po259RU7hH 3
A: wow! you guys go crazy on Twitter! i love it
Q: @EmmaFox31 @enrique305 describe your fans with one word! #askenrique
A: my fans are incredible!
Q: @TonyaConte Do you like “Rock”? @enrique305 #askenrique
A: yes! I love ACDC, bruce springsteen, dire straits and a lot more
Q: @Phoebe806 What is your favourite song to perform live? @enrique305
A: it always changes… I Like It was a lot of fun on the last tour because of the energy of the crowd
Q: @chelsssj @enrique305 #askenrique what do you think about my birthday cake hahah? Its me and you! pic.twitter.com/0VoNlWuxQH
A: wow! who made that cake for you?
Q: @02xygen LOOOOK! THIS MUG PRESENTED ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY. DO YOU LIKE IT? @enrique305 #askenrique pic.twitter.com/DNstGYA0Tp 210
A: happy birthday Oksana
Q: @ckhedda #askenrique how is it with your dogs?
A: they’re great! I just taught Jack a new trick… I’ll try to post a video of it soon…
Q: @soph_enrique @enrique305 I’m most crying here #askenrique please notice me, your my world
A: Hi Sophie! How are you doing?
Q: @csavagaon @enrique305 Pune concert was great, hope to see you soon! #askenrique http://twitter.com/csavagaon/status/327167354125549568/photo/1pic.twitter.com/3xhcESWAsL  27
A: great photo! I had a great time in India
Q: @KathrynGuthrie @enrique305 #askenrique What is your favourite drink to make with @AtlanticoRum
A: I usually take a shot of @AtlanticoRum before every show… I like it straight up
Q: @ohsnappitsjesss What inspires you everyday? #askenrique @enrique305
A: there are a lot of people in my life who inspire me, including my fans… they’re all amazing
Q: @CassieCala @enrique305 #askenrique what’s your favorite movie right now?
A: I can’t say that I have a favorite movie but I really liked Drive and The Hangover movies
Q: @HeyyItsRosa Whats ur dogs name in that pic? :-) #askenrique @enrique305
A: the dog in the picture with me is Jack… I like to post pictures of my dogs. have you seen the others?