12 de abril de 2013

Perguntas/Respostas Chat (11 de Abril)

Aqui estão as perguntas/respostas feitas no chat de ontem.
Muito obrigada à Noemi (@TheNomik / @EnriqueAnna): Tumblr Enrique & Anna

Em breve postaremos a tradução das perguntas e respostas.

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Q: Ina Martinez Say hi EnriqueA: hi!
Q: Denise Ford Are you doing ant concerts in Portugal or uk.
A: very soon. Working on picking out a date. Just need to finish up a few songs. I don’t want to release anything until I’m 100% they are the best they can be.
Q: Oualid Brich one day you will come to essaouira city in morocco ?
A:  ill be in morocco next month. will you be there?
Q: Mahsa Hamidi Do u like Iranian people??I am an Iranian girl…I love u.
A: of course i do!
Q: Ravi Wolf Shinoda are you releasing a new album soon?
A: very soon. Working on picking out a date. Just need to finish up a few songs. I don’t want to release anything until I’m 100% they are the best they can be.
Q: Kc Guimayen Cayao i love you enrique  !you are my idol
A:  i really appreciate that!
Q: Jason Gonzalez Hey, Enrique! You been my idol since I was a little kid. My dream is to go to one of your concert and meet you! 
A: id love that
Q: Nathalie Battilana Hahha:) guess u already have a lot of ppl to answer tooo! Come back to finland ?
A: planning a europe tour right now. hopefully end of this year or next spring
Q: Veronica Ach Coming to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canaada……anytime soon???
A: is that an invite?
Q: Julianne Wood When will you be back in LA? Or Even Vegas—a short 4 hour drive from me.
A: hopefully very soon promoting the new single, and then again for the next US tour 
Q: Flakkita MireYa Dont answer anything..just say hi to me
A: can i do both? hey! 
Q: Eliane Helt Hi wn Ull come to Brazil ?? Tks
A: id LOVE to make it out there. We are working on Brazil, and all of South America. Hopefully soon
Q: Maymay Templo Barros Favorite refreshment?
A: Atlantico Rum lol
Q: Nardine Nosehy will u come to egypt again???
A: plannin on it
Q: Arijeet Mitra Hey man i m your fan since 13 years. Wanna meet ya. I wanna be like you man. Any tips for me.
A: thanks for your support! Don’t be like me, be yourself 
Q: Valérie Ama A Enrique Enrique, is there any special person in you life who inspires you in songwriting?
A: lots of people inspire me. Including my fans. Also Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel….and many more. 
Q: Chelsea Gzom How are you?
A: im good how you are?
Q: Gabriela Błoniarz that realy You Enrique?
A: yup. in the flesh lol needed a break from the studio 
Q: Twony Albanian Greetings from Albania  I wanna know if you can have a concert in Albania
A: no plans right now, but maybe early 2014
Q: Vivian Hernandez Thorne Make my day and just reply so I can share on facebook. Gracias!
A: does this work?
Q: Debolina Saha Really r you there Enrique??
A: im here! how are you?
Q: Alekh Nandan m the biggest fan of u all over world….:’)
A: thanks for your support
Q: Shovon Khan You know Bangladesh have lots of fans of yours? Would you come if we invite?
A: is that an invite?
Q: Kristina Moffett What do you like to do the most besides writing/singing/performing? Love you!
A: just hanging out with friends. going to movies. flying. going on boat ride
Q: Afshin Alex S Why r u always always wear a hoodie shirt?
A: not sure. so comfortable 
Q: Yousuf Ashraf When are you coming to Cardiff again I love you! By the way, I’m on my brother’s account he’s not homo…
A: hopefully by the end of this year. we are working out when the best time and soonest a europe tour can be 
Q: Krish Buddy enrique, hav a visit to india.. am here waitin to c u!
A: i was just there. were you able to make it out to any of the shows?
Q: Sohaila Elkomy i really like ur voice , feelings , v deep writer
A: thanks! 
Q: Strong Wolf were r u? usa?
A: im at home in the US. where are you? 
Q: Sandy’z Reddy Hey hi ??
A: hey! 
Q: Carol Louise Mccaig Are you gay? X
A: im not 
Q: Cristian Martinez hey Enrique you are the best!!!! I love all your songs!!!
A: thanks! 
Q: Kapia Wasafi what inspired you to write music?
A: thanks @travis shirley 
Q: Vik Kostika What inspires you to write songs?
Where do you write your songs?
And about who do you write your romance songs?
A: my fans inspire me. I can’t give away who all my songs are about. 
Q: Carol Louise Mccaig Are you really bisexual? X
A: im not 
Q: Adina Kany When are you going to come to ROMANIA again?
A: i will be coming to Romania. Not sure on exactly when, but i WILL be back. 
Q: Corinne Chevreux are you in love???
A: with music! 
Q: Amber Wade Has Jack tried waterskiing yet? Xx
A: not yet! lol 
Q: Missy Gray ~~~~~~Hey. Any plans on a DVD with ur music videos. I haven’t seen any.~~~~~~
A: yes, a live dvd is coming soon
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Q: Carissa ‏@carissa_alarcon
Hahahahah @enrique305 #askenrique love you baby😘👫😍👌 pic.twitter.com/AZTZecxFBt
A: LOL that’s hilarious!!
Q: Stephanie Ferguson ‏@steph_ferg
@enrique305 if you see this tweet please tweet back it would mean the world i love you #askenrique 91
A: wow 91 tweets! #nevergiveup
Q: Echelon ₪ ø lll ·o.  ‏@M3aly_styles
@enrique305 did you know that if u just say “Hi” it’s means the world to me I love you plz before I go 2 sleep :(♥ #AskEnrique x22
A: Hi there
Q: Chrissy ‏@ChrissyJonas
@enrique305 Can you hear me!! #askenrique 23
A: yes!!!
Q: Lenlooney ‏@Lenlooney
@enrique305 Hi Enrique How Are You?! #askenrique
A: Hi @Lenlooney I Am Great! Thanks For Asking How are you?
Q: Brittany Bell ‏@brittlovesheels
Omg omg Enrique ♥ Will you be going on tour soon? #askenrique #loveyou
A: no plan right now. I’m working on new music
Q: Marta @Gomezistheone
@enrique305 #askenrique what ‘s up new? <3
A: Marta you look a lot like Selena Gomez
Q: Beronia Gorges ‏@BeroniaGorges
@enrique305 #askenrique 3.5 million followers on Twitter and I’m 1 of them.. HI over here! 🙋
A: thanks for the follow Beronia
Q: Ahmad Rhayel ‏@ARhayel
@enrique305 so it’s almost 2 am and still awake ,say good night and let me go #askenrique
A: get some sleep!!
Q: gabi con i ‏@gabii_ei28
@enrique305 Enriqueeeeeeeee!!! I love youuu so muuuch!! Look, you like? We are you and I! #askenrique #26 pic.twitter.com/wRrPDZjvHk
A: this is amazing!
Q: @SarahLP_
@enrique305 it’s 12:35 am here .. wish me a good night ? You’re the best lots of loveeeeee :* x #askenrique 10
A: good night!
Q: Nancy Mikati ‏@nancy_mik
@enrique305 how come you don’t have any nicknames?you must have one!!#askenrique
A: I have plenty of nicknames. Ask the people on my website…
Q: Tessaa ‏@_Tessaaax_
#askenrique please tweet me back, I’m a big fan, and I’m waiting for a long time! But no I must go to sleep so please tweet me back xxx
A: goodnight tessaa
Q: Belieber ‏@UKBieberFan97
A: of course
Q: Iglesias. ‏@breakpromises
@enrique305 #askenrique tweet me anything!!
A: anything… ok now what?
Q: chandrashekhar ‏@csavagaon
@enrique305 What’s your favorite song from Escape album? #askenrique 6
A: that’s a tough question to answer… do you have one?
Q: KathrynGuthrie305 ‏@KathrynGuthrie
@enrique305 #askenrique WHAT DO I NEED TO DO FOR YOU TO NOTICE ME??
A: just send me a tweet…
Q: Edona Zeqiri ‏@Edona305
You’ll never tweet me :(( #askenrique @Enrique305
A: I won’t?
Q: Nadine© @Nadi1405
#askenrique I love yoooou do you have an upcoming tracks? love you so much answer me 7
A: I’ve been working on new songs for the past few months…
Q: beckS @beckZkhan
@enrique305 #askenrique Love you Enrique!!!! Xxxxxx pic.twitter.com/wjtjlv4F3P
A: nice one
Q: Angelia Gracia A ‏@angeliagracia
Tomorrow (or today,in my country) is my birthday. Can you say “feliz cumpleaños” to me? It’ll be the best gift:’) @enrique305 #askenrique 47
A: feliz cumpleaños … wow 47 times
Q:  ‏@aimee_aline26
that’s what your favorite part of mexico? #askenrique 4
A: I like to go down to Alegranza in Cabo
Q: Linda Vittrup Skov ‏@Lv90s
#askenrique Playing and singing “Leave the Peaces” by The Wreckers. - Simply LOVE that song! What are you doing? :-) pic.twitter.com/3FnlkHCfIJ
A: tweeting with you…
Q: louise iglesias ‏ ‏@LHintonXx
@enrique305 #askenrique what else could i possibly do to get you to notice me? im your biggest fan ever, i love you so so much
A: thanks louise
Q: Amy305 ‏@Amy_L_Iglesias
@enrique305 This is What I’m up to haha! Having a malfunctioned Birthday sleepover hahaha so much fun!! #askenrique pic.twitter.com/aoK3DbUq2E
A: great photo… happy birthday!
Q: Neha Keswani ‏@neha951EI
@enrique305 do you know math is easier when i do it listening to your music? #Askenrique
A: my music has many uses
Q: Gökçe IGLESIAS ‏@gkcersy
@enrique305 #askenrique looking at ur photo and waiting for a tweet from u☺ LOTS OF LOVE FROM TURKEY. LOVE U SO MUCH😍 pic.twitter.com/bvSfwlhyGG
A: thank you
Q: Büke ‏@Bukecim
@enrique305 I wanna one things from you just can you say Eu Te Amo Büke ! Cause Eu Te Amo #askenrique GoodNight ! pic.twitter.com/mKeULDst3P
A: goodnight! nice picture
Q: maritaa ‏@mariaax1d
@enrique305 who do you want to collaborate with next? :) #askenrique
Q: got any recommendations?
A: Real♥Diva ‏@RealDivaYS
@enrique305 Enrique for the love of god tweet @nour_noursyam she is so sick and your tweet will make her so happy ! #askenrique
A: feel better!
Q: Shreya♥ Enrique ‏@shreyaenrique
@enrique305 #askenrique This is the best message i have ever recieved. Seeing you live was the best thing ever pic.twitter.com/D0cq8YkjQe
A: glad you had a good time Shreya
Q: Sam ‏@TheBlueSwallow
@enrique305 Favourite film??? #askenrique
A: no favorite… i really liked Drive and The Hangover
Q: Chaimaa ⚽ ‏@ChaimaaRonaldo
@enrique305 i know ur coming to Morocco for mawazine and i hope i’ll be there. Hope i can be on stage with you 😘😘 #askenrique
A: hope to see you there
Q: JessicaImEnriquette ‏@McDLove308
@enrique305 cold or heat? #askenrique 8
A: I grew up in Miami… heat
Q: Youssef Tawfeek ‏@YoussefTawfeek
@enrique305 squash or tennis ? #askenrique
A: tennis
Q: Zahra ‏@ZahraFtouni14h
@enrique305 I want to know if you will ever come to Ivoiry Coast ? Please reply ! I love you. Please Enrique,let me be happy #AskEnrique x44
A: I hope so. No plans yet unfortunately.
Q: Hannah Dury ‏@Han_Beckham
@enrique305 #askenrique why do interact with ur fan so much more when u r on stage than other artists?? #nottinghamlovesenrique
A: because I do the show for my fans
Q: Brittany @britbrit459
How are your dogs? @enrique305 #askenrique
A: they’re doing great… crazy as always
Q: Megan @MCulyer
@enrique305 let’s be Bestfriends? #askenrique
A: @MCulyer OK… youtube.com/watch?v=IueDj9
Q: Melina Magdali ‏@SmileyMeliis
@enrique305 I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. Please tell me everything will be ok #askenrique
A: it will. what’s your question Melina?